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Here at FASHION FOR HOME we sell a great range of fantastic little tuffets. Ideal for putting your feet up, or for using as extra seating when guests pop around, a tuffet is a great shelving solution and footrest and a comfy seat. Also known as an modern ottoman or a furniture pouffe, they provide the versatility and compact size needed to compliment your larger living room furniture.


Our selection of tuffets are not just versatile, they feature all of the style you would expect from FASHION FOR HOME. In your living room, pair with a bean chair or one of our designer loungers for the ultimate in relaxed style. Blend styles, use your creativity, with a little inspiration from FASHION FOR HOME, and create the home you’ve always dreamed of! Our tuffets look great when next to one of our chaise lounge, or even next to one of our dining chair design! Our tuffets are built to the highest quality standards, this isn’t high-street furniture, this is designer furniture, quality constructed, fantastically finished and durable enough to last for over a lifetime

Superb designer furniture from FASHION FOR HOME

Along with our tuffets, we sell some wonderful pieces of designer furniture here at FASHION FOR HOME. Our loungers are superbly designed, with strong clean lines. Our retro sideboards, lamp lighting and coffee table designs feature detailed, delicate stitching and great finishing. Our pieces of furniture don’t only look great, they are fantastically well-constructed, with high-grade materials and superb workmanship. All would look fantastic along with a shelf and exclusive kids art prints. We select furniture producers who produce for some of the most well-renowned designer furniture retailers in the world. If you have any questions about our tuffets, or any other piece of our furniture, just let us know. We love our furniture and we will do our best to get you a piece that you love to.

Need a high-grade tuffet for your place of work? Our tuffets not only look fantastic, but also meet the BS:5852 fire protection standards. With top-quality, durable materials and great, individual styles we have the ideal tuffet to compliment your workplace.