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Shelving Units

Shelving units from FASHION FOR HOME

At FASHION FOR HOME we offer you designer furniture for your every need. We all know how nice it is to have your things organised, and with the FASHION FOR HOME shelving units it has never been easier or looked more fashionable. Our shelving solutions come in different sizes and designs enable you have a great selection of options when choosing a shelving solution for your designer living room. A shelving unit could be just what you need in order to complete the interior design of your home, giving it that extra special touch. Place your shelving unit above your retro ottoman and it will make the perfect location for storing your books.

Shelving units to decorate your walls

A shelving unit combined with some retro home accessories will enable you to make a bold statement in your home adding both practically as well as a special touch of designer magic. Hang your shelving unit next to your retro pictures and finish off the retro interior design look of your home. A shelving unit can hold all kinds of modern furniture pieces, and if you look through our FASHION FOR HOME online shop whilst searching for shelving units you will find that we also stock a selection of retro lamps. Fed up of the clutter plying up on your retro desk? A shelving unit can be a great storage space for all your favourite designer items and help keep your office in order.


At FASHION FOR HOME we understand the importance of finding the perfect furniture products for your home. With this in mind you will find detailed descriptions of the designer and the piece of furniture itself like our retro floor lamp or retro art on our online store, helping you to make better informed purchases for your home. However should you have any further questions in relation to your new shelving unit or any of the other products available on our online store, please feel free to contact our committed customer service team, who are at your assistance five days a week. They will gladly guide through your purchase, so why wait? Go to FASHION FOR HOME now and find the shelving unit you have always wanted today.