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Need something comfortable, stylish and flexible enough for any decor scheme? A settee is perfect for a living room, entrance hall or office. Here at FASHION FOR HOME we sell a wide variety of different settees in a wide range of styles, perfect for adding those final touches to your home. Create a suite with a settee and add design to function.

If you are aiming to create your perfect living room, add in one of our designer chaise loungers, a coffee table design and one of our fabulous furniture-pouffes and have your living space come alive! In an office or workspace a settee can be an essential part of your design home furnishings and help create a warm and welcoming space, making your customers and clients feel a little easier.

Designer settees from FASHION FOR HOME

At FASHION FOR HOME we pride ourselves on producing top-line furniture. Along with our settees, all of our pieces are sourced from the best furniture producers around and pass some of the most stringent quality control checks in the industry. Whether you are looking for a stool or a designer corner sofa, one of our loungers or one of our design lamps, you can find it at our FASHION FOR HOME online shop.

Designer furniture made easy

Looking for something a little different? Mix and match different styles and create your perfect home. It doesn’t just take a settee to make a living room. Add a designer sofa or a sofa lounge and make your living room as perfect as possible. A settee can fit in with any piece of furniture. In your bedroom as settee can make a lovely place to sit and relax with a book or magazine. Place next to a designer glass table, one of our sideboards furniture or a set of shelve units to house a West Berlin Gallery exclusive pop art print, and make an ideal place to relax and read. Easy with our furniture from FASHION FOR HOME