A set of shelves is vital for keeping your house in order. Just because they are functional though, it certainly doesn’t mean that a set of shelves has to be boring. Bring in a little design touch with your shelve, whether they are located in a designer dining room, kitchen, bedroom, living room or study. All of our shelves are built to the highest possible standards, giving you a sturdy, safe location for whatever you choose to place on them. Match with a retro home accessories or a designer sofa and create your perfect room.

A set of shelve from FASHION FOR HOME.

As well as great, cutting-edge design, our shelve here at FASHION FOR HOME feature great versatility. In the kitchen, they can fit in perfectly with a designer glass table and retro interiors. Or locate in the dining room for keeping all of your tableware and cutlery handy. Use in the living room for books, magazines and CDs or an exclusive West Berlin Gallery fine art print. Combine with a designer desk lamp for creating your retro lamps design. Whether you choose something classical or modern, daring or subtle, you can find it in the FASHION FOR HOME online shop.

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