Accessories from FASHION FOR HOME

Accessories personalize your living spaces with FASHION FOR HOME. Adding a couple of our exclusive West Berlin Gallery art prints, including street art, pop art and photography; accessories can add ambience and individuality, perfectly accentuating your designer furniture. A designer glass table, a designer ottomans and designer lights can breathe warmth into a living room or designer dining room, bringing instant atmosphere to any dinner or gathering, transforming your space and adding a focal point to your coffee table design. An accessory can add elegance and airiness to a living room or hallway. Be playful, be individual and mix and match our accessories with your favourite pieces of furniture.

Accessories transform your living space

The right accessories can change a room, bringing outside in. A photograph as an accessory, a favourite picture of a favourite place, can add memory and feeling, bringing your lounge into focus. Living accessories can compliment a piece of furniture, putting it instantly into location. Mounted next to some home decor accents or sideboard furniture, an accessory can effortlessly add feeling to a room. Finding the right accessory to match your living room is easy with FASHION FOR HOME, and if you have any questions, you can always reach us. We are happy to help with any enquiries you may have regarding our furniture and accessories, or anything else about our shop. Our accessories are always crafted from the finest materials and built tough, for a lifetime of use.

>Add emotion with accessories

At FASHION FOR HOME we stock the finest accessories, with the best pictures from some of the world’s foremost photographers and those little extras from some of the world’s foremost designers. Creating a living space is not just about the big things – a kitchen table or armless chairs – but the little touches, and the right accessories can help bring that personal touch to your interior design. In a lounge bedroom, the divan bed can be just as important as the accessories that you pair with it. If you feel like your dining room furniture is plain, just add some accessories next to your dining buffets or your dining room tables to bring a bit of colour and style.