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A pouffe is a handy piece of furniture that can be used as either a small seat or a footstool Also known as a small sofa, hassock, or lounge ottoman, pouffes are a perfect little pieces of versatile living room equipment for putting your feet up, or for extra seating when you have a couple of extra people over.

A great selection of pouffes from FASHION FOR HOME

Our pouffes here at FASHION FOR HOME are not only useful, they come in a great array of stylish designs. Choose from modern and contemporary, or classic and understated and build your perfect living room. Match a pouffe with the perfect sleeper sofas, armless chairs and loungers and be creative with your seating arrangements. Along with our pouffes we stock a great range of living furniture at FASHION FOR HOME. Whether you need some retro picture to house some exclusive West Berlin Gallery street art prints or some sideboards furniture for extra storage, or some accessories for adding some extra little touches, just check in at our online shop to find what you need.

Fantastic designer furniture from FASHION FOR HOME

Here at FASHION FOR HOME, along with our pouffes, we also stock a great range of furniture for homes and offices. From retro ottomans, to comfy retro lamps, in styles ranging from inspired re-imaginings of old classics to daring old originals, we have it at FASHION FOR HOME. We choose our pouffes and our other furniture styled be some of the world’s best designers and built by some of the best producers of designer furniture around. If you are spoiled for choice with our pouffes, just be in touch with our Customer Service Team. We’re on hand to help you with any selection questions you may have about our pouffes, and, if you need an unlisted colour or size just let us know and we will do all we can to find the piece of furniture that is perfect for you.

Need a high-grade pouffe for your place of work? Our pouffes don’t only look fantastic, they also meet the BS:5852 fire protection standards. With top-quality, durable materials and great, individual styles we have the ideal pouffe to complement your workplace.