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Glass Tables

Glass tables from FASHION FOR HOME

Sleek, slender and cool to the touch, with the benefit of being easy to maintain and clean, a glass table will fit in perfectly with a more modern style of interior design. Combine with some of our other design home furnishings from our FASHION FOR HOME online shop, mix with your own personal treasures, and create your perfect living spaces with one of our great glass tables.

Here at FASHION FOR HOME we love to combine fantastic design with great build quality. All of our glass tables are designed with flair, built to last and built with love. We select the finest furniture makers in the world to construct our glass tables. Are you sick of scummy ring marks staining your wood table or jam wedging in the cracks? No more worries – you’re safe from spills and stains with one of our beautifully sculpted glass tables.

Whether in the living room or the kitchen, and whether you choose a lounge ottomans, lounge Bedrooms or larger modern furniture, a glass table is the perfect way to add something different to your home.

Glass tables – add something a little different to your home

Match a glass table up with something a little different. Place next to one of our sideboards furniture which can house a great West Berlin Gallery kids art print, and let your imagination run a little wild. Mix with one of our designer shelves and other pieces and get involved with your interior design.

Bring something different to your interior design

Add a classic, elegant touch to your living room with a designer corner sofa or chaise lounge chair, at FASHION FOR HOME our individual shelve will add something a little different to your house. A modern ottoman can add something a little out of the ordinary. Just play around, add to your glass table, and try to create the most interesting room your can.

Need a high-grade glass table for your place of work? Our glass tables don’t only look fantastic, they also meet the BS:5852 fire protection standards. With top-quality, durable materials and great, individual styles we have the ideal glass table to complement your workplace.