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Designer Dining Tables

A designer dining table at FASHION FOR HOME

A designer dining table will take pride of place in your kitchen and be the fulcrum of your living room. Match up with the perfect selection of dining room chair, conjure up your ideal dining room.

The designer dining table, whatever fabric it is created from, when placed in the kitchen, dining room, or conservatory, needs to provide a focal point to your dining space. Play around with your home and be creative when it comes to your interior design. Dining rooms don’t have to just be about traditional dining room furniture such as a designer dining room table. Express yourself and add in some living room, kitchen or even bedroom pieces. With our selection you have the choice.

To find the perfect match to your designer dining table, we place a high level of focus on dining chair design. Our armless chairsare one of our most popular chairs from ourdining table chairs range.They feature the usual level of nous that we have with our designer dining tables, and that we expect from our world-class team of designers, combined with fantastic quality and finishing. If you have any questions about our designer dining tables, or any other piece of furniture here at FASHION FOR HOME, please get in touch with our Customer Support Team. We are on hand to give you all of the advice youneed. Just let us know if you would like one of our pieces of furniture in a different size or colour.

FASHION FOR HOME relax with a designer dining table

Mix in your kitchen with a sideboard placed next to a dinning table, fit a halogen lampfixture above or go for some mood lighting with a table or floor lamp.

Whether in light or dark woods, or featuring frosted or clear glass, and placed in a living room, dining room or conservatory, our range of designer dining tables is ample enough to give you the chance to live up to your style.