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Daybeds from FASHION FOR HOME have a way of inviting relaxation during the morning, afternoon AND evening! Now, that doesn’t make sense. It’s called a “daybed”, for crying out loud. But, it is true! Owning our daybeds is like owning a double seater sofa, sleeper seat, bed sofa and wooden bed all wrapped up into one very sensible daybed package for any time of day! We have attractive collections of designer chaise lounges, designer living room chairsand designer recliners available as perfect mates for your daybeds, as well. Our daybed’s sleek lines, wooden accents and removable pillows offer complete convenience and relaxation that all lazy bones will appreciate!

Different Daybeds

FASHION FOR HOME understands variety in daybed design. While we have beautiful daybeds, we also can appreciate daybeds with a different approach. Isn’t that part of the fun in designing after all? We think so, too! Let’s go for a new look in daybeds by mentally bungee jumping over to the canapes sofas,mega sofas and futon sofas! There is no reason why such lovely options can’t dress up to impersonate a “daybed”. Fabulous choices, indeed! Put an accent pillow here, a lovely throw there and surprise! Fashionable daybeds in all shapes and sizes! To some, daybeds render a casual tone. So, why not set up your daybed, quad seater sofa, chaise or round sofa next to a beautifully casual designer storage piece like media storage cabinets and set the mood toward a calm, casual atmosphere? Place a few extra large pillows around, sit back and relax on your fabulous daybed to your favourite tunes and watch the world go by in complete comfort.

Day or Night

FASHION FOR HOME brings comfort and great customer service both day and night for all of your daybed needs! Let us help you find that peaceful place to call your own with your very own daybed furnishings today!