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Chaise Lounge Chair from FASHION FOR HOME

A chic chaise lounge chair from FASHION FOR HOME is perfect for anyone who wants to take the chance to lean back and relax. Comfortable and elegant, they offer you the perfect place to sit back. Traditionally chaise lounge chairs were used as day beds, and still, though designs and times have changed, they are a great place to take a quick nap. Match with a great little beanbag chair or sofa bean bag from our range of beanbag furniture to create the perfect look!

Paired with one of our fantastic lounge ottoman or couch sofas, a chaise longue chair is perfect in your living room. Add in one of our tuffets, footstools or lounge sofas if you have a little more space, and make things a lot more comfortable. Used in a conservatory or on the patio when the sun is out, they provide a great place to really lay back and soak up a bit of energy. A chaise lounge chair is perfect paired with a small piece of sideboard furniture or a shelf to retro ottoman your books and magazines or a cup of coffee.

Chaise Lounge Chairs from FASHION FOR HOME

A chaise lounge chair from FASHION FOR HOME can also fit perfectly into a bedroom as somewhere to lie back and relax and while the sun sets outside. You can’t go wrong with the balance of comfort and elegance that they offer. Our chaise lounge chairs are not only designed by some of the world’s top designers, they are also superbly well constructed. Pair with one of our retro lamps and designer desk lamps and you can have a superb alternative to a traditional living room. Mix and match a chaise lounge chair with some of our other pieces and create something new and unique in your home or highlight your walls with a choice of art prints such as street art and pop art.

Lie back and relax

What better way to lie back on a chaise lounge chair and really relax? A FASHION FOR HOMEaise lounge chair will provide the perfect antidote to a stressful day.

Need a high-grade chaise lounge chair for your place of work? Our chaise lounge chairs don’t only look fantastic, they also meet the BS:5852 fire protection standards. With top-quality, durable materials and great, individual styles we have the ideal chaise lounge chair to complement your workplace.